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Professor Oyebanjo Dayo Oyekole is the founder and President-General of Holistic Lifecare International – a consortium for the production and marketing of natural medicine with headquarters based in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is also the Chairman and Chief Consultant of Mosebolatan Naturalist Hospital; based in Ogbere-Tioya, Ibadan, Nigeria; as well as the Holistic Lifecare Clinic, in Kasoa, Central Region, Ghana.

Born in Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State of Nigeria on 23rd November, 1955; he was educated at Molusi College where he finished with Grade One. He proceeded to read Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ibadan where he was awarded the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) and Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (M.P.V.M.) degrees with distinctions, prizes and medals as the best-all-round graduate for the year 1981.

He also attended the University of Reading, England; where he was awarded the Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) degree in Epidemiology, with distinction, in 1985. He crowned his academic career with the award of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree by the University of Ibadan, in 1987; having submitted the first thesis in Biomathematical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases.

Dayo Oyekole has worked as a Public Health Veterinarian, University Professor and Natural Medicine Practitioner in many institutions and government departments in Nigeria, Britain and Ghana (where he is the Chairman and Chief Consultant of Holistic Lifecare Clinic in Kasoa, Central Region, Ghana); and is credited with numerous scientific and technical publications, studies, articles, abstracts and presentations in the fields of Epidemiology and Natural Medicine. His recent exposition of the ‘Holistic Remedy for AIDS’ is currently being evaluated by Disease Control Agencies.

Professor (Chief) Oyekole is a member and/or registered trustee of many professional and socio-cultural organizations including Poverty Eradication Network (PEN), Nigerian Society of Pharmacognosy, Nigerian Academy of Natural Medicine, Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine, National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP),  Medicinal Plant Producers, Researchers and Allied Practitioners of Nigeria (MPPRAP) and the Confederation of Complementary Health Associations of South Africa (COCHASA).

He was recently appointed as the coordinator of the International Health Project for Development of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Programme in the South-West Zone of Nigeria.  He is happily married with children.

Mosebolatan Naturalist Hospital
Adeyalo Layout, Ogbere-Tioya, off Olorunsogo Express Bridge, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Tel: 234-803-330-3897 ; 234-807-646-4610
Lifecare Centres
Holistic Lifecare Clinic
Along Nii Akramah We
(off Opeikuma Road),
Kasoa, Central Region, Ghana
Tel: +233-544-906-744
11, Ire-Akari Estate Road, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria
Lifecare Centres
Unity Shopping Plaza, Opposite Isale-Eko Cool Spot,
53, Yemetu-Adeoyo Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Asukuna Street, Titi Titun, Beere-Ayeye Road, Ibadan, Nigeria

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QUINCY SUMBO AYODELE, the celebrated herbal slimmer, on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, believes in the power of herbs for slimming purposes.

The London-trained (but Ijebu born) beauty therapist initially studied secretarial administration at Ogun State Polytechnic, now Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

She went for further studies at Pitman Central College, London. When she came back, she worked as the personal assistant to the Managing Director of Societe Generale Bank.

Quincy grew up with her grandmother and picked up many herbal secrets from her. When she discovered her herbal prescription was effective, she went for further herbal studies abroad.
OUTFIT:QUINCY The Herbal Slimmers
90B Opebi Road,
Ikeja, Lagos


REVEREND FATHER ANSELM ADODO. He is a monk of St. Benedict Monastery, Ewu. For the past ten years, he has been involved in intensive research into the medicinal uses of plants, and disseminates the knowledge through publications, seminars and workshops. He is the director of the Monastery’s herbal clinic.

Father Adodo demystifies the involvement of the monks in the ancient practice of traditional medicine: “my interest in herbal medicine is basically because of my conviction, having studied philosophy and theology, that it is God working in nature. We have to develop what we have…when I decided to practice herbal medicine even as a monk, it was difficult initially for people to understand because the general idea people have about a priest is someone sent by the missionaries. Someone who should abhor anything cultural…

We started the herbal clinic in 1992 but not until 1996 did we make it formal. It took this while for people to really understand us and what we are doing. The community was not sure how to relate with us. They were afraid because they have never seen priests involved in herbal medicine practice; even Christian ministers were afraid because they didn’t understand what this was all about. But they were consoled because this is a monastery.”

Pax Herbal Centre is a computerized herbal clinic situated just after the entrance to the monastery. It is equipped with a modern pharmacy and stocked with well packaged herbal products. The clinic also has a drugs manufacturing factory and storage store. Here, various drugs are produced from locally sourced herbs and roots from the vegetation around the monastery.


St. Benedict Monastery,
Ewu, Auchi,
Edo State, Nigeria. Outlets: Catholic churches nationwide.

DR. OLAYIMIKA OGBAOYE - pregnancy within one month

The man who removes pregnancy nightmare from women…in one month

"...when we make claims, we follow them through"

According to Dr. Olayimika Ogbaoye, a physiotherapist and Medical Director of Olayimika Herbal Hospital in Ipaja, Lagos, there is no cause for alarm because…”it is a simple matter for me.” I have handled pregnancy related problems using local natural herbs and the results so far, have been very impressive. Here, we help people get pregnant easily without the rigours of operations here and there.” The treatment we offer covers most problems except for fibroids.  For instance, the imbalance in prolactin levels can be corrected with the aid of an anti-prolactin herbal soap. For those with confirmed tubal blockage, there is a herbal preparation specially formulated to cause tubular dilation as a result of the steam produced while the woman sits over the preparation. We also have different medication for those suffering from dismenorrhea.

Where men are the cause of women’s pregnancy travails, there is succour too.

We also treat conditions like chronic lower back pain, low sperm count, diabetes, hypertension, but majority are problems associated with inability to become pregnant, that is our major work…”


Olayimika Herbs Hospital
1, Association Avenue,

Majiyagbe Estate,
Near Ipaja Market,
Ipaja Town, Lagos
Tel: 08023379145


Dr. J.J Abdullahi was born on 26th September, 1964 at Agojeju Abocho in Braidu district, Dekina local government of Kogi State. He had his primary and post-primary education at Abocho between 1974 and 1984, before proceeding to the school of Basic Studies, Makurdi, in 1985. After his I.J.M.B in 1987, he proceeded to the University of Jos, where he studied Basic Sciences, and later moved into the prestigious federal college of Medical Laboratory Sciences, at the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Plateau State, where he qualified as a medical Laboratory Scientist in 1993. For his masters Degree in Immunology, J.J Abdullahi enrolled in Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, and then ended up with a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) in Health Support Services at the Columbus international University in the United Kingdom.

Contribution in area of health
After leaving school, Dr. J.J Abdullah worked in private and public sectors of the Nigeria state. His stint at the National Institute for pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Idu-Abuja saw him concentrating efforts in researching into herbal Medicines. God crowned his effort with a break-through by way of discovery of Winniecure (Herbal Therapy) for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Thousands of victims of the HIV/AIDS scourge both within and outside Nigeria have benefited tremendously from using the drug. Many Igala and other Kogi State indigenes are on either completely free or heavily subsidized HIV drugs provided by him. He is thus (through the Grace of God) a sustainer of life.

Head Office
No. 31 Okemesi Cresent,
Old FERMA Road,
Garki - Abuja.
Tel: 09-2902999, 08033139270, 08037863690, 08038174220.
Email: info@winniecure.com

Lagos Office
No. 9, Fola Jinadu,
by Charley boy bus stop
Gbagada estate, phase 1, Lagos.
Tel: 07063544992, 08033116613.

Kano Office
No. 43, block A, room 16,
Ibrahim Taiwo road,
Tel: 07059440436.


High Chief Oladosu Ekunrin is the Chairman/CEO of Healtwaiz Herbal Products Nigeria Limited (formerly Dosu Ekunrin Traditional Healing Centre). He is one of the pioneers of herbal medicine columns in several newspapers and magazines. In this interview with Isa Isawade, he identifies the various ailments afflicting Nigerians and proffers remedial measures individuals and the government should take to arrest them.

Sir, you pioneered the now very popular herbal column writing in this country during your days in Today’s Choice magazine and P.M.NEWS in the early nineties, but in recent years, you’ve maintained a low profile, why?

As you know, writing a weekly column is not a child’s play. I wrote for about ten years on a weekly basis. As a writer, there comes a time when you need to take a rest. This is because you are working on other things. I have used my time in the last few years to rest and to repackage many of my herbal products for effective push into the Nigerian market. In the last few years, I have done a lot of research work in the field of alternative medicine and I came out with a lot of products and books on different ailments in the country. Those are the engagements that have taken me away for sometime.

Can you mention some of these products?

Yes, you will recollect that in the early nineties, I warned many times in my column that in the years ahead, Nigerians will witness a lot of health-related problems, especially in the areas of diabetes and high blood pressure. This is because at that time, I noticed the proliferation of fast foods joints throughout the country. The truth is that a lot of the foods dished out by these fast foods centres are not okay for human consumption. Most of the ingredients they use in preparing those foods are not natural and I noticed that a lot of them contained heavy sugar and salt which are dangerous to human health. Let me give you an example, most soft drinks in Europe and America today are not as sugary as the ones sold to us in this country. Children of fifteen to twenty-five years old are now diabetic and hypertensive. That is the result of what we eat. I can tell you that in our country today, about six out of every ten men or women are diabetic. Same rate for hypertension. Our situation is that bad. A lot of people are dying. So, I did a lot of research work and came out with a product I call noswit. A very effective dietary supplement for diabetic patients. It prevents constant urination and cleanses the body system. Then, for high blood pressure problems, we developed a product called Kool Capsule. Kool Capsule is very effective in the treatment of high blood pressure problems. It reduces cardiac output and cools off the body system. Also, if you are very observant, in the country now, we have a lot of men who are becoming infertile. Many of them also suffer from quick ejaculation. You will agree with me that our forefathers lived up to between ninety and a hundred years, and many of them married between seven and ten wives and were able to satisfy the wives sexually. But, today, man finds it difficult to sexually satisfy one wife! What has gone wrong? We are no longer eating what our forefathers ate which are mainly from nature. So, we developed Yaami Capsule which purifies and energises the sperm. It is very effective in the treatment of low sperm count and quick ejaculation. Another of our products is Paaba mixture and capsule. Malaria kills over 300,000 Nigerians and over one million Africans yearly. So, Paaba is very effective in overcoming drugs resistant malaria parasites. It is a very effective anti malaria herbal drug. These are the research works we came out with and which will be of great benefit to all in the years ahead. Nigerians should also look forward to our forthcoming books on health and nutrition.

The benefits of these products, as you have enumerated, sound wonderful. To what extent have the products gained acceptance among stakeholders such as the consumers, distributors and government agencies?

Thank you for that question. You see, before we came out with our products, we did a lot of tests. One of the best pharmacologists in Nigeria today, Dr. Osolua from the University of Benin, performed toxicology tests on all our products and that cost a whole lot of money. We spent over a million naira on the tests alone, and from the report of the pharmacologist, we are told that our products are very safe for consumption, very good and reliable. Dr. Osolua is alive. He is at the University of Benin. He can give testimony to his findings on all our products. If you go to NAFDAC today, you will find that we presented our products to NAFDAC and NAFDAC officials visited our factory and they found out that we built a big factory for our products, not a rented place, a whole modern factory which can compete with that of any pharmaceutical company anywhere. Also, the efficiency of our products have brought a lot of happiness to me because the responses we are getting from customers and consumers are overwhelming. We are yet to meet our market demand. Anywhere we go to in Lagos, people are asking us to supply them Yaami, Noswit and so on. Even the pharmacy shops frequently demand more of our products. We have been receiving fantastic reports on our products from the market.

In your honest assessment, how far has herbal medicine practice gone as an alternative to orthodox medicine since you and your few other colleagues started the revolution over two decades ago?

I always give glory to God for giving me the vision to promote alternative medicine since late eighties till the present day. You see, I started when people were not even proud to be called alternative medicine practitioners or what people call herbalists. People run away from herbalists, forgetting that many people who practice it are not idol worshippers. Like me, my father was a Christian, a reverend of ECWA church for many years before coming to alternative medicine practice. We don’t worship idols. I came out to promote alternative medicine as a Christian because God creates leaves and herbs for human consumption, and He gave my father and me the wisdom to prepare herbal medicine for mankind. As a graduate in the early thirties, I started with Today’s Choice Magazine, promoting alternative medicine. Today, I thank God, we have a lot of graduates in the field of alternative medicine. A lot of well known names who can compete successfully anywhere in the world. The awareness on alternative medicine now is highly commendable. You wonder why so many people in this country spend millions of dollars in India for treatment? When you get to India as a patient, they will ask you whether you want alternative medicine or orthodox treatment for any kind of diseases, including cancer, diabetes and what have you. All the serious ailments which seem to have defied orthodox treatments are being effectively taken care of in India and China through alternative medicine. Look at the wonderful work the Lagos State government is doing to promote alternative medicine. We now have the alternative medicine board. It shows that alternative medicine is recognized all over the world. Few months ago, the WHO came out with a report on the efficacy of alternative medicine worldwide. For the WHO to commend practitioners of alternative medicine, it tells of the multi million dollar researches that have been conducted worldwide. Therefore, people are now running away from synthetic drugs, they are going back to nature and preventive medicine.

You talk about nature and this brings me to the question of whether it is true, the popular belief that herbal medicines are without side effects. How true is this claim?

It is true to a large extent. If the alternative medicine is well prepared, there is a very low side effect or no side effect at all to your health. For instance, years back, people were talking about lack of dosage prescription. Today, alternative medicine now has dosage. You cannot take your NAFDAC report without being scrutinized with your dosage, packaging and the quality of your product. The body will also look at the environment where your product is being produced. Before you can practice in Lagos today, you have to go for training or some weeks or months with the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board. Whether you are educated or not, you have to take the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board licence before you can practice. And before you can promote your drug in the market, you have to obtain NAFDAC number. All these are comprehensive processes to ensure safety and wholesomeness.

Lastly Sir, what informed your relocation from your well known Adeoyo, Mushin office where you operated for more than three decades to a relatively new place like Igando?

We thank God for His mercies on us. Mushin was becoming very small for us to operate. I wanted a bigger place where I can have my research centre and factory for the production of my herbal products, and office. Therefore, you can imagine what it has cost us to establish our head office at Igando. We left Mushin because of expansion. It took us about five years to carry out a lot of research work to develop medicines for the coming generations to benefit from. So, now we have our research centre, our factory and a spacious consulting room. But our offices in Mushin and other places are also in operation.


DR. TITILAYO ODUYE - Amelia's Organics

Dr. Titi Oduye of Amelia’s Holistic Health Consultancy  was born in London, U.K. She attended Holistic Health College U.K. Institute of Bioenergetics, U.S.A. She is a Bioforce phytotherapist and is a member of some associations, include the Guild of Naturo-pathic iridologists, International Association Bioenergetic Practitioners, British Herbal Medicine Association and the Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine, NCPNM.

She was formerly an education officer at the Federal Ministry of Education from 1983 to 1986. Also, she was a lecturer at Lagos State Polytechnic from 1986 – 1989.

She loves to read and sew.
OUTFIT: Amelia’s Holistic Health Consultancy

19, Ladipo Oluwole Avenue, Adeniji Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos

Email: amie@ameliasorganics.com
Tel: 234-803-331-9618


My mission is to help people enjoy sound health – Debo Thompson

She was diagnosed of high-blood pressure at the age of 35, while she was Chief Secretary at the Nigerian Breweries, and advised to slow down on her activities.   She subsequently had to resign from her job in order to be able to pay more attention to her health.
Mrs. Debo Thompson, unwilling to succumb to the condition,  decided to discover a solution for herself by experimenting with natural medicines. Thus, she began several researches on natural medicines and after experimenting with herself, according to her, her high-blood pressure became a thing of the past.
Since then, Mrs.Thompson has remained an adherent of nature care, and has continued to research more and more on the subject. Today, she has several brands of herbal medicines to her credit, and will soon be officially launching two books on natural medicine at an event to mark her 70th birthday on 16th December in Lagos.
The event will also be used to launch her NGO, ‘Princess Maria Ifanike Thompson Foundation for Elderly Widows, Single Parents and Youths’.  Mrs.Thompson, a Lagosian, who was for over six years a Weekend Vanguard Columnist on natural medicine spoke with Vista Woman recently.
Her words:

I attended the African Church Bethel School on Broad Street in Lagos. I also attended Marywood College which was known in those days  as Marywood Commercial College. After working for some years, I went to London for a course in Secretarial Studies.

Mrs. Debo Thompson, ...we are a herbal race
On my return, I returned to the  Nigerian Breweries where I worked before I went to London.
I believe in natural therapy and I have been an adherent of nature care since 1964/65 when I came across a book by Harry Benjamin titled, “Everybody’s Guide To Nature Care”. That book exposed me and my close family members and associates to nature care. It also made me understand how you can, by self-treatment, treat yourself of many ailments.

Later, in the early seventies when I had stopped having children, I started having some health issues. My blood pressure started rising too high to the extent that I could no longer cope with my job as a company secretary.  So, I resigned in 1975 when I wasn’t allowed to close at 2pm daily as advised by my European doctor.
So, from April in 1976,  I started my own personal business as a distributor for Beer, mainly West African Breweries Beer and then when my former boss at the Nigerian Breweries also personally started producing  Vita Malt, I also became one of the distributors. That was how I started my business life.
My journey into traditional medicine practice
My conviction in what nature care could do was when I went for an  X-Ray, and was told that I may have to do some surgeries because of the type of ailment that I had. I didn’t want to undergo any surgery actually.
So, one evening when I was in a hospital at Alaka in Lagos waiting to see a doctor, some other people who were in same situation as myself started lamenting over their situations, saying, “Is this how we will keep carrying our files until we die?”.
The person who said that didn’t know the message his words got through to me, but from that day, I resolved that my own case will be different. That was the beginning of my embracing nature care to the core. Having made that resolution, I decided to study natural medicine in 1984 or so. I carried out some researches, and by the time I put some herbs together and started using them, my high-blood pressure became a thing of the past.
I was looking older than the way I look now as at 1975, because I was really very sick. Funny enough, I was only  in my thirties at that time.
The wonders of nature care
All that nature cure has proved to me is too much for me to just  write in a book. Therefore, it is better for me to help other people enjoy sound health; that is my main objective now that I am clocking 70 years of age.  I am so passionate about this even to the extent that when I see somebody who is sick, the thought that emanates from me is how I could help even though I may not be close to that person.

There is nothing you can compare with nature; nature is everything. You can even regenerate a bad liver with nature care.
There are many herbs which nature has provided for us to help calm down our nerves. Take for instance Biophyllum Pinnatum which is known as Abamoda in Yoruba. If you chew 5 leaves of  it and  half a bulb of garlic twice a day which means one bulb of garlic, it will lower your blood pressure in ten days. This leaf  is  sold in the market by herbal dealers.
I also have it in my compound in abundance. When you take the 5 leaves and garlic morning and evening with a lot of water, you will be amazed at the result. In traditional medicine, we use it for many things.
Result of Africans’ failure to live naturally
Most of the health issues we suffer in Africa today are traceable to our failure to embrace nature care. We seem not to realize that traditionally, we are a herbal race. Otherwise, why do we have over 60,000 plants in Africa?

Why do Europeans come to tap from our reservoir of plants and to our own dismay here, research and make better use of  our own plants?  It is in our ignorant quest to live a totally western life that we all started eating butter and white bread for breakfast instead of our usual Ewedu and all.
In villages, you find people eating roasted yams with palm oil(no chemical) and maybe some ground dry pepper and salt, and you just cannot imagine the level of nutrient in that simple meal! That is eating naturally.
Instead of eating healthy foods these days, we now settle for meat pies, soft drinks, chemically processed fruit juices, etc. I tell you, if I were in a position of authority in Nigeria, I will orient people first on the reason why cancer is so much. The moment we all start living naturally, we will start hearing less of cancer related problems.
You see, creation always gives to you as much as you give to it. If you are in search of knowledge, you will just stumble on it. That was what actually happened to me with regards to traditional medicine, and that’s how I’ve been getting most of the knowledge I have on nature care. God has saved my life by helping me discover the good in traditional medicine, and that’s why  I am set to also give back to my society.’




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DR. M. AKINSANYA – Akin Herbal Home & Health Centre

Dr. Akinsanya hails from the southwest of Nigeria. While growing up, he inherited from his grandparents the gifts of caring for people and proffering solutions to their health problems. Dr. Akinsanya did his Herbal Health Care training with Ebony Naturalist Clinic from 1996-2003. In pursuit of academic excellence, he obtained a Diploma in Business Administration from Ogun State Polytechnic, Abeokuta in 2005.

Desiring to further pursue his vision and realize his dream, he also attended Kofo Abayo Training Centre for more training in herbal medicine practice.  He has attended and featured in several Herbal Trade Fairs organized in 2000-2001 by Radio Lagos and OGBC 2 Radio, Abeokuta respectively. With over a decade of proven experience in the profession, he became General Manager, Ebony Naturalist Clinic in 2006, where he oversees the branch activities of the Health Care Centre.

He established Akin Herbal Home and Health Centre in Sango Ota in 2006.
In 2008, Dr. Akinsanya travelled to China for more training in the use of herbs and diagnostic equipment.



*Member of Nigeria Union of Medical Herbal Practitioners

* Association of Commonwealth Traditional Medicine Practitioners for West Africa

* “Young Ambassador for Peace”  (Universal Peace Foundation)

* Herbal Medicine Training/Conference in Barcelona, Spain

* Stakeholders’ Seminar on Traditional Medicine Practice in Abuja



ABUJA: Shop 212, Last Floor, Queen Fem Plaza, Opp. Mr. Biggs, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria

KADUNA STATE: Nnamdi Azikiwe Way, Beside Jamil Yoghurt, Kaduna, Nigeria

KADUNA STATE: Z1A Hanwa Low Cost, Sokoto Road, Beside Mobil Filling Station, Opp, AMK Motors, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria

KANO STATE: Shop E5, Opp. Rochas Foundation, Airport Road, Kano, Nigeria

IMO STATE: 66, Douglas Road, Opp. MRS Filling Station, By Mbize Junction, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

TELEPHONE: +234 -8034771878; 8078074702; 8025585573;

UK NUMBER: +44-7424424434


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ALJ. RAFIU OWOLABI - Oroki Herbal Mixture

The practice of herbal medicine in Nigeria give rise to Nured Industrial & Commercial Company Ltd. the manufacturers of Oroki Herbal Mixture. The product was first produced in 1980 by Alh. Rafiu Owolabi a native of Osogbo in Osun State, Nigeria. He is the present CEO of Nured Industrial & Commercial Company Ltd. His mission and vision is to provide world class herbal mixture using high quality and efficient process without compromising standard in trado-medical Practional in Nigeria attaining high proficiency and efficiency through the provision of herbal products.
Nured Ind. & Commercial Company Ltd.  offers a range of NAFDAC licensed herbal products for people who are looking for a safe, natural alternative to chemical based drugs, that will treat effectively everyday complaints and allergies. The herbal products are packaged in specific treatment. So rather than having to buy individual ingredients for self-treatment, the most effective combination of plant extracts and is readily available. This makes self-treatment simple, safe and of maximum benefit. All products are clearly labelled to show which condition they will relieve and carry precise dosage instructions.
The company (Nured) was built on a very clear philosophy - to make self-treatment with herbal medicines simple, safe, widely available and of maximum benefit to the user. That way, all of us would have the opportunity to make a personal choice about our health and the treatments we use for everyday complaints and allergies.
4,Ifelodun Street, Off Ojokoro Road
Adetola B/Stop, Agbado Ijaye
Lagos State
+234-8028278463, 802 695 5267, 803 220 1988
Ijaye Shopping Complex, Lagos
Itire Ijesha sawmaill, Ballet
Along Lagos Mile2 Express Way, Lagos
Owolabi Street,Oke Balo, Oshogbo
Ikotun Office
3, Kadiri Street, Alausa B/S, Ikeja, Lagos
Gateway Mirro, Oke Sokori, Abeokuta
Mr. Rashed Saliu
Living Seed International
1 kwa Junction, behind Gidan Kafinta house
3, Hassan Shosanya Close,
Agbado -Ijaiye
Zuba, Abuja
Folomade, Ikorodu
20, Owonikoko Street, Agbado - Oja
Tel:08023242276, 08056599900
Ogun State
Jocfem Phamacy
19 Adisa Akintoye Street
Ondo Road, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State
Off Aemurin, Ketu- Lagos
Jeje Store
Odo-Ona, Ibadan
Sango Ibadan
Alfa Ismala
Behind Conoil Filling Stattion
Opposite Sango Police Station
Ikotun B/Stop